«Ser hechura de»: engineering, loyalty and power networks in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

La Fundación Juanelo Turriano ha publicado recientemente la traducción al inglés del libro colectivo «Ser hechura de»: ingeniería, fidelidades y redes de poder en los siglos XVI y XVII,  editado por las profesoras Alicia Cámara Muñoz y Margarita Ana Vázquez Manassero.

La obra, accesible gratuitamente en versión digital, reúne contribuciones de quince especialistas interesados en analizar distintos casos de estudio sobre las fidelidades, dependencias y redes de poder en las que se movieron los ingenieros entre los señores y reyes de la Europa moderna del Mediterráneo.

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Descarga gratuita de la obra


Playing the knowledge, loyalty and power games / Alicia Cámara Muñoz, Margarita Ana Vázquez Manassero

1. I say not engineers but men: the Toledo family and Sixteenth Century fortification policy / Carlos José Hernando Sánchez
2. Cardinal Granvelle and his friendship with Fernando de Lannoy (1520-1579) / Almudena Pérez de Tudela
3. Alessandro Farnese: «Brave as Achilles, ingenious as Ulysses?» / Oronzo Brunetti
4. Juan Fernández de Velasco and the engineers. Power networks and scientific exchanges between Spain and Italy / Margarita Ana Vázquez Manassero
5. «and of the profession of fortifying she understands the rules and terms so well that she can make a judgement of it». Christine of France, Duchess of Savoy and Carlo di Castellamonte «Superintendent of the Fortresses» / Annalisa Dameri

6. «I believe there has never been a greater King of any State than mine own King». Giovan Giacomo Paleari Fratino, engineer to Philip II, and other members of the Paleari Fratino family from Morcote / Marino Viganò
7. Carlo d’Aragona and Antonio del Nobile. Military defences, financial ventures and territorial aspirations / Lina Scalisi
8. «Per poter con opere servire»: Giovanni Francesco Fiammelli, «Florentine, mathematician, theorist and practitioner» / Consuelo Gómez López
9. Louis Nicolas de Clerville (1610-1677): a courtier in uniform in Seventeenth Century France / Emilie D’Orgeix
10. The Grunenberghs and their influence on engineering in the Spanish court (1656-1696) / Dolores Romero Muñoz
11. A life in service on the royal construction sites. A portrait of Jacques Tarade (1640-1722), architect of the king’s buildings who became the director of fortifications of Alsace / Isabelle Warmoes

12. Engineering and power in Renaissance Sicily: loyalty, conflict and «symbiosis» in the papers from the central archives of the Kingdom / Maurizio Vesco
13. Power and design. Feudal families and fortifications in Calabria between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries / Francesca Martorano
14. Artistic accomplishments and human misfortune in the case of Giovan Battista Bertani, Prefect of Building Works for the Duchy of Mantua / Raffaele Tamalio
15.The courtier engineer: success in the reign of Philip III / Alicia Cámara Muñoz

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the engineering profession had an element of direct relationwith power, a subject begging to be studied, as it constitutes a novel approach to a complex topic, that of the mobility of the engineers in the power networks of the Early Modern era and the necessity of ensuring their loyalty. This book is based on the expression so often used in the era of «ser hechura de» [being the creation of / the making of]. This often explains the professional careers of engineers associated with a governor or military leader, many of whom, in turn, had knowledge of martial engineeringand the control of cities and frontiers. In this book outstanding specialists present different European case studies, making it possible to approach a comparative history in order to understand this professio nbefore the rule of the academies standardised promotion and specialization.

This book is part of the results of the R&D+I project El dibujante ingeniero al servicio de la monarquía hispánica. Siglos XVI-XVIII: ciudad e ingeniería en el Mediterráneo – DIMHCIM (AEI/FEDER/UE) [Draughtsman engineers serving the Spanish monarchy in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries: city and engineering in the Mediterranean – DIMHCIM (AEI/FEDER/UE)], – HAR2016-78098-P funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. This is the English version of the book previously published in the original languages

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